Each Family Law Matter Has Its Own Unique Roadmap

At Cooper Law, PLLC, my goal is to help spouses, unwed parents and same-sex partners find solutions to complex family matters involving intense emotions. As an experienced family law attorney, I make sure that we are always working toward solutions that will work for you and your family based on your individual circumstances.

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Resolving Matters Out Of Court Is Often The Best Option

Whether you are going through a divorce or dealing with issues related to your children, mediating or negotiating a settlement out of court is often the best option. When court is the better or necessary option, I have the litigation experience required to vigorously protect your interests.

What are the benefits of reaching a voluntary agreement?

  • Control: You will likely have a very different opinion on what is fair and just than the court might. When you have control you decide what compromises you are going to make, and in return are often much more satisfied with the outcome.
  • Solutions that work: You know your family, your schedules and your needs. You know which arrangement will work. Judges do not take the time to get to know you on a personal level or fine-tune the terms of your agreement.
  • Less expensive: Staying out of court means fewer court expenses and less attorney's fees.
  • Faster resolutions: Your case does not rely on the court's schedule. You can meet on your own time, when it works for you.
  • Confidential: The fact that you got divorced is of public record. You can keep the details of your divorce private when you reach an agreement out of court. Remaining cooperative throughout the divorce can also make the process much easier on your children.

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